Nervous Energy Galore: document.getElementById

In a fit of nervous energy, I made a new lab item: modify the box! a dhtml experiment. Useless, but an excellent exercise. I sat down and wrote this in about an hour and a half. I definitely am feeling better about my confidence with dynamic html – which is where client-side scripting ( commonly referred to as JavaScript, but really it’s ECMAScript, meanwhile, Microsoft would have you call it JScript, and of course originally it was called LiveScript ) and CSS meet.

In a related note: Kynn solved my MSIE6 bug with the current splash page – the trick was to put a false line-height of 3pixels. I had a <div> that was appearing 18 pixels high despite being given a height of 3 pixels. It was apparently making an affordance for text that was not there. Good to know.

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