Lunch/Stew/Mechanical Ventilation/Dark Knight 2/San Diego Bloggers

Today, no deep introspection, no thoughtful thoughts.

In lieu, some quickies:
– I’m going to Lunch with a big old crew of folks! Should be rockin’ cool.

– Listen to Stew on KRCW [show in realaudio]

– Learn something about critical care. Pay special attention to respiratory therapy and mechanical ventilation, that’s my old job!

Dark Knight 2: The Dark Knight Strikes Again (#2 of 3) came out last week. Good stuff. But sort of like how you can’t review a movie in the middle, unless maybe you’re MST3K, I’m waiting until the final issue till I make further comments about the (much awaited) DK2. And yes, #2 came out late. Comics always always run late.

– The San Diego Bloggers page was updated. The list is growing!

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