Unsent mail, private thoughts.

So yesterday was the 14 year anniversary of an event which changed my life immeasurably. I find myself wanting to share it with the world but in the end it was and is a private affair. Had it happened today perhaps the people involved would have blogged it, and there would be a record of it. But there is not.

I’m rather glad nobody knows about it, it was intensely embarrassing and painful.

I wrote an email to apologize for the event to send to one of the other people involved, but in the end reaching out was simply not right and would be an intrusion on this other person’s life.

Even blogging about it feels selfish, but no matter, it’s significant and was on my mind.

None of this makes sense to anyone but me, and maybe half a dozen other people on the planet.

some thoughts are private, and intense, and important enough that they must by their very nature stay private. It’s all well and good to share your life with the public, but one must know that there are boundaries between what is public and what is private. Those borders may be fuzzy, but they are most definitely there.

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