Ramble about Vince

Tomorrow morning my friend Vince will go in for surgery to address a tumor in his head near his pituitary gland. Vince is the fellow on the right in this picture. Vince was a big mentor to me in Respiratory School, and in some ways I was to him too. We have had many very good times, including a great time in San Francisco. Vince came out from Virginia for a conference at Stanford on Sleep Studies. I flew up and we hung out. He let me drive the rental car because I’m the City Mouse who can drive in cities. He’s the country mouse who can four-wheel drive in snow and in dirt roads. I can’t hope to capture all this man means to me in a single blog entry. I’m so proud of Vince, and all he’s done in his life. He went from being just a fun-time guy, and has become one of the most serious and dedicated Respiratory Therapists I’ve ever met. Trust me, I’ve met many. Plus, he married one of the cooler and smarter women I’ve ever met, and they have a wonderful son, Jared together. Here’s a news item about him from 1992, from a teeny tiny paper in Virginia. And here’s a great picture of Vince and Jared. Vincenzo, I’m thinking about you.

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