I’m watching Tammy Bruce (discussing her book)on C-SPAN

I’m watching Tammy Bruce (discussing her book)on C-SPAN and she’s really good. I disagree with her a lot, but you have to love pro-gun pro-choice feminists who can count Dr. Laura as a colleage and friend. Her argument is excellent. She’s standing for individual, personal, civil liberties. She argues that if you have a cause, then do the research to back up your cause. If your personal beef is with “liberal bias in the media” then you should be prepared, in public debate, to come up with the details and specifics. If you can’t, you look like a clown. Just saying something does not make it so. You must be able to back it up!

I like how she puts it —

I want you to be able to own why you think what you think.

Amen. Do your homework, whatever your pursuasion. Everything else is whining.

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