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Random Thought Last Night:

Random Thought Last Night: I was at the store and thinking that the key people to think of when trying to raise awareness as an online activist are Ralph Nader (consumer advocacy, serious research); Gandhi (tolerance, love for fellow man); and Edward Tufte (obsessive focus on communicating effectively).

Site Tweaks: The Ronny Vardy Fansite was updated, I added even more lyrics (Stew’s Giselle) to the Smorgasborg, and I also tweaked that page a bit, adding dates to many items, and trimming away a thing or two. As I add dates to it, it starts looking like older blog entries. Lyrics, noteworthy items, links, quotes.

But then any site ordered by time starts looking like a weblog, I think. Maybe it’s this, weblogs are just like the best websites, where you pack lots of loosely related stuff together, and the result is an interesting hodgepodge.

posted this 21 years ago.

(Monday April 22nd 2002 at 7:32am)

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