Java, Pascal Classes; Fall 1998; Becoming

In the Fall of 1998 I started to take classes in Pascal and Java at Santa Monica College – the Pascal class was interesting for a while, but I dropped it. My own reading at the time was doing what I needed. At the time the only programming I was doing was some Perl and some JavaScript. The Java class was pretty mind-blowing. I grokked object oriented code, but the class rapidly got ahead of my own experiences of OO code. I remember being right there with the instructor for about 3 weeks, then I was in way over my head. I’m glad I took those classes, but I am only a dilettante programmer. My skills are multivariate; this is my strength. I need to get comfortable with that.

I have been going through all my old papers and objects. This morning I came across my notebook from SMC. I write it here because I’m throwing out the notebook.

I’ve got a zen calm about letting go of these things I have packratted.

I am ever in the process of becoming. Refining. Rehabilitating. Remaking. Reclaiming.


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