Brief Personal Update

Things are good for me. Jenny and I have been to counseling twice and will again next week. The sessions have been productive in helping us understand what we’ve been doing for the past 6 years. The good and the bad too. We both need to learn from the past.

My folks are still in town, as is my sister. I love them so much, and they have been wise, and smart, and funny. My dad said that I have to remember to not denigrate the good things that came from and were in the marriage. I think he’s 100% right about that. I need to work more on that part of my reflections.

Yesterday went to the beach from 7pm until Sundown. The water was great, the sea violent. Got two tremendous rides bodysurfing. It felt wonderful. My sister and pop boogie-boarded and also had a great time. My dad was relentless. He was in the water until the sun was just under the horizon. After that we got some Der Wienerschnitzel. Actually, I guess now they just call themselves Wienerschnitzel. I suppose to make it easier to spell. Heh. Anyway, it’s kind of cool to go there after the beach with my Dad because 40 years or so ago he used to sell Chili Dogs there. Now the man has traveled the world, had kids, become a professional, and made himself into a success. But at one point he was just some college kid wrapping Chili Dogs. I guess the lesson there is that we’re always evolving and changing.

We are all, ever becoming.

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