A Small L.A. Trip: Part 2: Musings/Blogosphere

About A Small L.A. Trip: Part 2: Musings/Blogosphere

I tried out the “Summarize” feature of MacOS, here it is: MacOS X Machine Generated Summary:

The thing I come away with is that anyone can do this blogging stuff, which is what I believed before too.

The impression I got was that several of the people on the panel were interested in how to monetize their blogging in some way… That others read it is terrific, but I can’t help but think that when you do something for yourself , you’re not going to be able to consistently productize and monetize it. Several people: rabbit blog ,reverse cowgirl , and the guy with the “Anna Kournikova Nude” blog said that they don’t think about their audience very much.

…There’s a Blade Runner page that I remember looking at when I sat down at World Cafe in Santa Monica those many years ago. But that’s memorable only because it was the first site I ever visited.

…Part of me immediately thought that I hope Matt Haughey gets some dough from that — I know he and several others put their hearts and souls into that company.

…I have rolled my own widget to allow my archived months of blogger to be navigated month-to-month, I added a widget which replaces the traditional blogger archive page with one that is generated based on my actual archive files. I also have a mod_rewrite which accounts for the initial urls I was using (shtml) and rewrites them to how they are today.

…And she was going to pick me up in L.A., or maybe pick me up in Oceanside or somewhere on her way back late tonight — but I just decided to come on home now.

…He talks about the fact that he writes best when he is in a public place, not at home, with a steady supply of Cherry Coke, with people around, but not people who are going to want something or want to talk or have you take out the trash or do chores or anything.

…These are things he could only know from reading my blog at least once or twice, or perhaps looking at the front page of my site. In any case, this is the kind of generosity that if you had told me about, I would not have believed five years ago. And yet, it happened. Anyway, it was perfect for me to stay with him because he had been planning to come to 8am mass at the new Cathedral downtown anyway, and he could drop me off at the station downtown.

Go read the whole giant thing now: Part 2

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