Up Early

I feel good today. It’s an overcast day. And today one can officially use the term June Gloom to describe San Diego, because, hey, it’s now June!

A quiet morning.

Oh, have I mentioned my contention that most cookie-making companies are COMMUNISTS!

It’s time I ‘outed’ myself as a cranky cookie eater here on the blog. Here goes.

So I grew up with oatmeal cookies. Not just oatmeal cookies though – raisin, nut, and chocolate chip oatmeal, raisin, nut and oatmeal, chocolate chip and oatmean, etc. My Mom was progressive in allowing for many different variations on the fillings for oatmeal cookies.

So why, when one goes to purchase cookies, does one NEVER find oatmeal chocolate chip cookies? It seems that it is the fate of oatmeal cookies to be forever tied to RAISINS, and sometimes RAISINS AND NUTS in the grocery aisle or bakery case.

It’s unconscionable, I tell you. Oatmeal and chocolate chips goes great together. Absolutely delightful. Additionally, oatmeal cookies are providing that crucial texture that can make for a great cookie.

But I am no mere complainer, me. I have a solution.

Take this Betty Crocker Oatmeal Cookie Mix:


(which also requires one egg, and some water.

And add a handful of these Nestle Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini-Morsels:


And you too can have what the cookie conglomerates are preventing you from having.

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