Working on updating my portfolio. Using the Gallery software to do it. I’ve worked on lots of stuff.
Yesterday went wardriving with a friend. Very very cool. Next step? GPS unit. Then we lunched at D.Z. Akin’s. Awesome morning!
Went looking at a place to live yesterday. Considering moving, possibly with multiple roommates.
May be about to get a job offer from current gig. Not sure what terms I need here. Many questions.
Saw Topsy Turvy with Leah the other night. She liked it. That movie is climbing up my list of favorites.
Took back the car I was borrowing from my G’parents yesterday. It was great while it lasted. Back to public transportation for a while.
Made some mix CDs for an old friend yesterday. It’s been about 7 years since I did that. I hope he’ll dig them. Lots of catching up to do there.
I saw another classmate from my graduating high school class (Class of 1987) at Uni the other day. What’s it mean that all my high school classmates who I see downtown are lawyers? Granted it’s only 2 of them. But both lawyers? Isn’t that suspicious? What aren’t I a lawyer?
I’m at a loss now. Time to shower and get to work.

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