Trick or Treat! ArtLung 2003

In Really Brief! 2003 Oct 31

Since the last update: fires being beaten back. More homes lost. Fires still going. Smoke is largely cleared in downtown. Freedexter corrected me on the issue of the schools being open. San Diego City Schools were/are off all week. Saw Shaolin Soccer last night. It’s absolutely brilliant. BRILLIANTLY funny. I made these for the potluck at work. Also: saw more mice. Leah and I made a kill last night. The humane mousetraps failed. We both feel bad about it, but frankly, the mouse, I mean, mice (we have taken to calling them “The Stuarts”) are not in the interests of public health. They must die, and we must kill them. All creatures have a right to exist, but not all creatures have a right to play in our kitchen area. That’s really all for now. REALLY have to go to work now. I’m dressing as a Respiratory Therapist, I think. I’m a fan of the lazy costume.

And oh yeah, Happy Halloween. Trick or Treat?

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