…specifically, get out of my living room.

Score today alone:


Heck, I have a pre-made icon to denote kills. This should demonstrate my readiness.

First contact was a week and a half ago. We thought you were a lizard. That was sort of fun. I remembered lizards on the wall in the Philippines and that was cute! Then we realized what you were 3 days ago and intended, maybe with our subconsciences bothering us a little, to buy the glue traps. Today Leah actually got them, and for better or for worse, they work.  We’ve eliminated the food source, please leave. If you don’t leave, you will die.

You disapprove? Well, too bad! We’re in this war for the species, boys and girls.  [source]

Previously: here and here and here and here and here and here. (Wow, has it been 4 years since we had mice in San Diego?)

posted this 16 years ago.

(Tuesday June 19th 2007 at 10:50pm)

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LOL. Good luck and win one for the species!

We had one more today:


Leah and I think that might be it!!

Thanks for the cheering Christine!

I’m on your side. Survival of the fittest! Go Glue GO!

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