As of yesterday: Mice

Updated Mice stats:


Sad, really. “Where the heck are they coming from?” is what I want to know. It’s not clear to me.


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Put all cupboard foods in plastic bins. Put one trap in each cupboard and close as usual. The place you think they are at leave one banana one day only.If they bite it remove it. Then add 2 traps in this place. Peanut butter is best on traps. Not too much just enough for them to push on the trap. They will be starved out. Stay out of the area so they can feel comfortable enough to eat the peanut butter on the traps.Remove items under the sink where they could be nesting. place a trap in there. If children eat in their bedrooms remove even food paper wrappings. If home has a screen door close tightly before dawn. Check every wall for holes. They bite through everything.At night after dinner keep out of the kitchen until morning. Get ready to hear traps snapping. Move them immediately to the rubbish. Good Luck…………Tia Bebe

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