Current Important News: VideoChat! Divorce! Life! Onward!

I got an iSight today. Talked to my sister and boss and even Dori Smith and Mathowie – it all worked well. Except my Dad and Mom’s connection is messed up somehow. We’ll figure that out.

Just checked the mail, and I received my “NOTICE OF ENTRY OF JUDGEMENT” from the Superior Court of California, San Diego County. I am now divorced. It’s been a long road from May 2002, and even longer from April 1999, and also from 1996.

My sincerest hope is to honor and remember what was good, and learn from what was bad. I am a stronger, better person than I was last year at this time. I’ve made many mistakes, and continue to learn from them. I hope to continue my dedication to ruthless truthfulness. About myself, my faults, my strengths — everything. Always striving to work on those big four pillars of my life, the emotional, the intellectual, the spiritual, and the physical.

Many people have been wonderful to me during the past year and a half. My parents and sister, my aunt, several key friends, and since last September, Leah, who has a inquisitive, self-search, relentless dedication to truth that I really appreciate, and with whom I share a home and life.

People ask me if maybe we moved a bit fast, I think not. We both do what feels right, and I must say, the truth can be a very difficult road. But in the end, we share a bond that means a great deal to me. I feel I’ve found a real partner, a peer who I am not superior or inferior to. I will continue to be truthful, and open, and hope for all the best.

One never knows what life will bring. That is most certainly the way of things.

But I know I’m happy, and evolving daily. And I expect that to evolve and change every day.

And as I’ve been saying… ONWARD!

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