IBM launches ¡TradúceloAhora! Automatic Translation Project across the United States

I maybe could use some of this in my Spanish class…

Hispanics with access to English content on the World Wide Web will soon have access to richer, higher quality information through a new initiative announced today by IBM. Working in close partnership with Hispanic non-profit organizations in major urban centers across the country, IBM researchers will refine and perfect state-of- the-art software that will effectively translate English content into Spanish on the Web.

Through the new grant program, called ¡TradúceloAhora! (Translate Now) Automatic Translation Project, IBM will provide access to English-to-Spanish translation software for 30 non-profit groups that serve the Hispanic community in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City. The clients and staff of these organizations will collaborate to provide ongoing feedback about the usefulness and the clarity of the translation software to an IBM research team. With regular input from users, the translation technology will improve, become clearer and more refined — and ready to benefit the communities it is designed to serve.

Well, maybe not. But it’s kind of interesting.

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