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LAMP Host Provides Mirrors of Apache, MySQL, PHP, CPAN Libraries

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Greetings WebSanDiegans (and others!):

LAMP Host, provider of great developer-friendly web hosting, has set up mirrors of several prominent pieces of open source software. As ourbusiness relies on open source, we believe strongly in supporting developers, and these mirrors are a great way to support the developer community here in San Diego and the larger Southern California area.

Source downloads for httpd and other Apache software projects, and
the Apache 2.0 manual.
Entry Point: http://apache.lamphost.net/
Source Code: http://apache.lamphost.net/dist/
2.0 Manual: http://apache.lamphost.net/manual/

Full site and source: http://mysql.lamphost.net/

Full site and source: http://php.lamphost.net/

CPAN Libraries (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)
Full site and source: http://cpan.lamphost.net/

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me.

Feel free to repost this widely.

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