Weekend Wrapup

Went to the South Bay Drive In with Leah to see Kill Bill Volume 2, which was violent but entertaining.

I have not been to a drive-in movie in a decade.

Racquetball Saturday was good.

Got back Leah’s computer from my uncle, who got a new case, installed a new fan, and did some other optimization on it.

Trip to Fry’s with Leah.

Sunday a trip to Escondido with Leah to see her friend, the Tattoo artist and recent mother. She’s quite a character.

Laundry and groceries yesterday.

Some new neighbors had a very loud party Saturday night. We went next door to ask them about it. They moved the party inside. It was reasonable. My quote on this to them was “I don’t want to call the cops, that’s not my style.”

They moved their outside party indoors instead. Still loud, but the bass was no longer shaking our circa-1892 house.

Went to Borders with Leah. Saw this book: Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering, which was cogent, concise, funny, and is one of those kinds of books where you say to yourself “why didn’t someone write this down sooner?”

Leah’s site, by the way, is leahpeah.com. We talked this weekend and I will be further reworking my site, much of the content is from the point of view of a maudlin, separated and divorced guy. And while at times I am maudlin, and I’ll always be a person with a divorce under his belt, my life is pretty happy and evolving. Leah and the truth we are able to share are a big part of what makes that possible. There’s not enough of that on this site to this point. Expect that to change in time.

So here comes the week.

Onward, baby.

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