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…is the sound of events and projects whooshing by my head. Some things are getting done, mostly school things as it turns out. But lots of other things are getting dropped right now. I hope to pick up more as the week goes on. I’m sitting between classes here at City as I listen to music of Language Day — the poster I made featuring the countries of the world that speak Spanish is pretty cool. A multitude of languages are represented.

On Sunday i saw Neal Stephenson speak “all too briefly” at the LA Times Festival of Books. Leah and I enjoyed it, despite it being hot. We also availed ourselves of the famous french dip sandwiches of Philippe’s in downtown L.A. We had fun, and the drive home was not bad.

Saturday had been the adventure of Leah‘s daughter’s fast-pitch softball game, and her boys’ baseball games. Some nice plays, and it was pleasant to demystify Leah’s ex- and her kid’s stepmom. Probably I let work and school slide this weekend, but it ended up being worth it for the nice weekend. Leah took lots of pictures — or at least a wide variety of pictures — that may make it to her gallery or mine soon.

Now I’m a few minutes shy of class. Should wrap up soon.

From San Diego City College’s cafeteria computers… o n w a r d

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