Pivot Point

On the eve of a national election here in the United States, I feel as though all things are changing.

From Wikipedia: Lever:

In physics, a lever is a rigid object that is used with an appropriate fulcrum or pivot point to multiply the mechanical force that can be applied to another object. This is also termed mechanical advantage, and is one example of the principle of moments. The principle of leverage can also be derived using Newton’s laws of motion and modern statics.

It feels as though all things are about to change.

Change is already occurring,

On Saturday Leah’s kids played the last football game of their season.

On Sunday we changed from Daylight Savings to Standard Time.

Last week my part time gig moved offices.

The weekend before last I saw some family who had been thousands of miles away, for years. It was useful.

Last week it rained cats and dogs.

It’s cold again in our house. The fan will be stored, and the heaters are coming out.

The cat is less crazy, and more snuggly. This proves, I think, that part of why he likes us is to maintain his body temperature. Yes, this is a cynical view. I admit he also likes us for the wet food.

School admission dates are happening now. I’ll not state where I’m applying for the moment. But they’re all in the Los Angeles area. Yes, that change will happen.

Today Leah got word that she’s gotten a job in the L.A. area starting in January! I’m excited! Time is changing.

I intend fo have some party’s here in San Diego before we move. Maybe people can come see our killer Sherman Heights place before we go. Maybe we’ll even make it a rent party!

And I’ve not even mentioned the election yet.

Tomorrow I, and my my fellow Americans have the opportunity to participate in a process that has lasted for centuries. An imperfect, complex process. A wonderful, scary process. A process that makes us the greatest democratic republic on the planet.

Lord help us, I hope the process works. And I pray that there will be a clear winner, and that the divisiveness that the Republican Party and President Bush have fomented these past four years will begin to fade into memory.

My fear of course is that it will get worse before it gets better.

But we stand at a pivot point in time, where great power may shift.

Do your part to help shift that power. Vote for John Kerry for President.

And please, wish Leah and I luck in our future. I have grown so much in the past year. I’m ready for the next version of myself.

Onward, and to victory!

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Such a good post. It really does feel like a lot of change all at once. Your optimism is contagious. Keep me rollin homie.

Wishing you & Leah luck with your future — however, I don’t believe you two need or have to rely on luck. You have done the work and are beginning to reap the many rewards of that work. Congratulations on all the changes that you two are creating in your lives.

Much happines to my brother from a different mother!
Enjoyed your personal daily account via your blog.
We are well. Miss seeing or having frequent communication with you, and will try to improve on that. Take care by friend.
Vince 3000 miles East

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