What happened to WebSanDiego?

just posted this to websandiego mailing list:

I don’t know.

What it feels like that with my personal involvement down to nominal levels, the feeling of “action” on the list is much less than it used to be. So people simply don’t *think* to post to the list.

There’s a pile of to-do’s for me in here, as well as in other parts of my life, and I’ve not the energy to do them. I’ve failed to delegate these, as well.

I’m wondering if maybe what we need is to “hot-tub” the list:

Or do something else.

As it is, it’s very quiet, and not as vibrant as it once had been.

People used to always credit me with the greatness of the list, and I have always demurred. It is the contributions of the list-at-large that make the list great. If the list is sucking or not as great as it once was, it’s not me, but rather a dimunition of the contributions of the list as a whole.

As it is, I am too consumed with 1) school and 2) my personal life to devote to this list the level of commitment and effort that I once did.

What are your thoughts on the future of WebSanDiego?

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