Married & Moving & Seeking Employment: January 2005

Cruel Irony

Robot Wisdom is back in business, while El Oso has gone MIA.

Meanwhile, Tony Pierce keeps blogging up a storm. No hiatuses, no days off. I dig that guy. His book is pretty cool, too.

posted this 18 years ago.
What else did he post in February 2005?

(Tuesday February 22nd 2005 at 9:41am)

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As the suspense builds it seems to be time to set up one of those countdown timers. Will Joe go an entire month without posting here? You’ve been doing this more than I have – how long until this becomes a hiatus?

I’m sadly aware of the irony on top of the irony.

Sorry people. :-\

i miss hearing about what you’re up to.

Who’s gone MIA now? Hope all is well.

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