Married & Moving & Seeking Employment:January 2005

Date With The Vet

So tomorrow, Bas and I will be seeing a vet here in Simi about a “Health Certificate” as he will be egressing Simi Valley and be bound for the climes of Virginia within the week.

He’s flying off to live with my parents, who are sans-pet at the moment with the loss of Ferris, a cat documented in this charcoal drawing of mine from 1988. Ferris was a she, and was extremely long-lived.

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how do you go about flying a cat? I am genuinely interested in this, as my considerations of transcoastal reloacation concern the welfare of a certain stenchy creature

I saw your comment about this on Seafoam and silently wondered to myself “What would they have done if the landlord only allowed a maximum of 3 kids in the house?”

Jukebox —

We agonized over this. But we’ve had a helluva time finding someone to rent to us just for financial reasons, and when we found someone who would, and it was in a place we like, with space we like, the cat really comes second. We love Bas, believe me, but he has to come second to Leah, my, and the kids’ needs.

Maybe you’re joking in your comment, but I’m answering you as seriously as I can, because this transition *definitely* has an emotional toll for me. Any little thing Bas does this week evokes lots of emotion and feelings of loss. :-\

There’s also the factor that Dev, the oldest, is allergic — as in, he’s around the cat 15 minutes and he needs to have antihistamines — so long-term a cat may not be what we need, at least for now.

He’s flying out to Virginia – and the hope is that down the road, we’ll get him back. He’s merely on vacation for a while. That at least is our hope.

The date with the vet went well, he’s now current on vaccinations, and we have a health certificate. So now he can fly anytime in the next 10 days. Well, 9 now. We’ll fly him out this weekend.

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