Married,moved,and getting it together.


Oatmeal!, eh? Adding the exclamation point makes it sound like a broadway musical.

The stage hit… Oatmeal! — yeah, that’s the ticket.

Anyway. Drowsy morning here. I made oatmeal for Leah and myself. She drank green tea, I had mint cocoa. Checking on some online forums, some email, things are good.

Turned on the TV — The Falcon and the Snowman is on. An underrated movie from the 1980s about a guy who started feeding information to the Soviet Union. Great little movie with Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton. I remember buying the single of the pop song from the movie — by David Bowie. It’s called This is not America. I can’t exactly recall, but I think there was a remix of it as well. Wild.

Last night with the kids was pretty great. Ty had a great game, even slid into home. Tight game too, his team had a grand-slam home run against them and yet they came back.

I find myself not always compelled by these baseball games. I wish I could unreservedly enjoy the game on the basis of supporting the kids, but truth be told, I’m not as excited as I might be. Now, maybe if the kids were painting or drawing or programming or working on websites or something I regard as creative for me, maybe it would be different.

But maybe I need to expand my definition of creativity, no? I think that’s something I want to work on.

School! Hey, did I mention I’m starting back at school — Moorpark College — in the summer. Not entirely sure what class(es) I’ll be taking, but I’m so there.

Yesterday I was driving Tony home and we were riffing on uses of the word “rock” — rock it, rock on, rock-a-bye baby — I brought up Rock Lobster — which made Tony laugh. I let him know that that was a real song! Remind me to play it for him next time he’s over.

Here comes the Manta Ray! Here comes the Narwahl!

I chuckle now, even thinking of it. The song itself, and riffing word combinations with Tony.

Okay. 8:36am. Time to start my day.


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