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Passing the musical baton

Andrew Phelps has passed me the music baton:

*Total size of music files on my computer:*

I work on three computers consistently, and I have iTunes libraries on all of them: the iBook has 18.17 GB of music, the Mac Desktop: 36.68 GB, and the Windows Desktop: a bit less than the iBook, but I’m too lazy to go look at the moment. Leah would say it’s all Frank Zappa. When we put it on Random play, there’s a whole lotta FZ, but it’s only 4.82 GB.

*The last CD I bought was:*

Eric Lindell – _Tragic Magic_
at the record release party in Hermosa Beach

I mentioned this before. It’s good stuff, but not really representative. On my shopping list are the latest Beck and Ben Folds, but not for a few more paychecks. Budgets are my friend!

*Song playing right now:*

Roxy Music – _Flesh + Blood_

In the mornings I like putting on Stew/Negro Problem. It’s good morning wake-up music. I like working to Ben Folds or Frank Zappa. Sometimes They Might Be Giants. Occasionally I’ll put on mixes, I guess more properly called “playlists,” I already made in iTunes.

*Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:*

Beck – _Tropicalia_ – free and fun and foreign
Ben Folds – _Army_ – man, that is some angsty regretful music
Frank Zappa – _The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution_ – musically, this fires my neurons
Stew – _The Great Leap Forward_ – the emotion in this song, the ennui, is really powerful
Morrissey – _Sing Your Life_ – hopeful, wonderful, optimistic – “any fool can think of words that rhyme”

Five Seven people to whom I’m passing the baton:

Al Abut
Binary Wolf
Chuck Hartley
Kelly Abbott
Leah Peah

I realize that’s actually seven. I’m worried nobody will answer, though I would really dig it if they answered.

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Joe has passed me the musical baton.

Total size of music files on my computer:
It’s a little more than the my primary folder size 6.15 gb.

The last CD I bought was:
Richard Thomas, Action Packed: The Best of the Capitol Years

Song playing right now:
Jazz, classical and Green Day.

Five Ten songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

(Let me rephrase the question and double the answer. 🙂
These are songs I like very much but haven’t listened to recently.)

Grey Eye Glances, Close Your Eyes from A Little Voodoo
Peter Gabriel, Burn You Up, Burn You Down from Up
Solas, The Poison Jesters Mask from The Edge of Silence
Sam Phillips, Raised on Promises from Cruel Inventions
Porcupione Tree, Trains from In Absentia
Ellis Paul, Marias Beautiful Mess from The Speed of Trees
Jayhawks, The Eyes of Sarah Jane from A Rainy Day Music
Sun Kil Moon, Carry Me Ohio from Ghost of The Great Highway
Vienna Teng, My Meda from Warm Strangers
Mindy Smith, Jolene from One Moment More

Five A couple of people to whom I’m passing the baton:


I replied on my site….

I am insanely jealous of how much music you have.

Hey there! I filled out the meme over here. I like learning about peoples’ musical tastes – cool stuff. I think I’ll make an effort to listen to some of the recommended stuff!

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