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A Little Behind

I’m behind on email and posting. Here are some nuggets.

Six Rules for Contractors. Old and excellent.

Ontology is Overrated by Clay Shirky.

What looks like a good book about project management: The Art of Project Management.

Leah’s Blog was a bit broken with regards to RSS and Atom syndication feeds. They work now. Also, I added some new categories today. Highlights: Wedding Interviews In The Car Kids Blessings Movies TV

Interesting and depressing and inevitable about outsourcing and the global village: Indian call staff quit over abuse on the line.

A few days ago, Al Abut was interviewed by the small WORLD podcast, and he mentioned me and San Diego Blog as blogs he reads. It’s a tiny mention in this mp3 file.

I cooked a broccoflower tonight. It was not very impressive. It’s very much like half-a-broccoli and half-a-cauliflour. So… what’s the point? Not terrible, there’s but not much to recommend it.

Speaking of cooking. I have been doing some of it. Highlights: sloppy joe’s _(natch)_, killer scrambled eggs _(featuring cheddar jack, soy milk, and water)_, oatmeal, baked custom sandwiches, breakfast burritos-to-go _(featuring leftover scrambled eggs)_, and miscellaneous goulashes. I enjoy doing shopping. And things I dig having in the pantry — dates, jalapeño slices, cheese-crackers-and-peanut-butter. Oh, and frozen turkey sausage patties are pretty cool.

Also, _Gilmore Girls_ has been on lately here in the house. Alex and Leah watch it together. Very Mother/Daughter-y.

Leah and I have a list of shows which we will never watch, ever. When they come on the screen whilst channel-surfing, we must change the channel immediately. We started with _That 70’s Show_. We added _That’s So Raven_ recently. We’re considering adding _Blind Justice_ as well.

I came across this essay on sales technique while searching for instances of the phrase “Coffee is for Closers”, a line from _Glengarry Glen Ross_.

That’s all for now kids. More another day.

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Evie says:

cooking….care to share some recipes, please??

Anything easy at this point, since Brynn has to help with most of the cooking
since I became broken.


Joe Crawford says:

Huh. Recipes eh? Well, truly, I don’t use much in the way of recipies.

My favorite crockpot soup is this one: 1 can pinto beans, 1 can black beans, 1 can red beans, cubed veggies (whatever you like — carrots, celery, potatoes, etc), 1 large can whole tomatoes. combine all these in crockpot and put on high. slice a package of precooked kielbasa thinly (whatever kind of sausage you like, i like something spicy) – fry the slices and add to the crockpot. then randomly add spices (salt, pepper, etc) to taste. cook in the crockpot until veggies are a consistency you like.

serve with rice and bread. makes for a pretty good stew/soup.

That helpful?

Evie says:

Definately helpful….thanks!!


Sassy says:

A-B-C: Always Be Closing

Jennifer says:

Hey Joe… you should try broccolini not broccoflower
much better 😉

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