Married,moved,and getting it together.


There’s a great Prince song called Housequake. From what the news and online forums say, California is having _oodles_ of earthquake activity. Out here in Simi Valley, to the northwest of Los Angeles we (Leah and I) have not felt a thing so far. Not sure that that means. Are we just situated wrong to feel these things? We’re bloody close to Northridge here, like, just over the hill. I don’t have a good sense of the quake statistics for this area.

The Prince wikipedia article is pretty awesome and thorough.

Yesterday was much better than the day before.

I’m feeling positive-er.

Though this weekend I’m batch’n it (as in Bachelor). Leah will fly out on a trip (family deal) and will be back after the weekend. I wish her well in that endeavour, and I will miss her. Heck, I miss her already and she just left for work! 🙂

Rearranged the office yesterday, got the Mac situated with two monitors (The Way God Intended Computers To Be, _ha ha_) which is nice. Still do work primarily on the Windows box.

Yesterday was Alex’s promotion from 8th grade. Kind of wild. I’m thankful not to be in grade school anymore.

Tuesday I start my summer class. It’s a class in Visual Basic. It transfers and is another language I can take. In the fall I really want to take the Data Structures class. That’s something that I’ve been reading about, but to get a “structured” (ha) course in it should be fun.

Thanks for the well wishes about my friend and his wife with the tumor. Expect a miracle.

Misty morning, time to start the day.

I have more deskspace. Maybe I’ll hook up the scanner and do some of that.

Okay, take care, and _onward_.

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As the bachelor of the house, you interested in a little Batman Begins? Or perhaps a little Howl’s Moving Castle?

I actually caught _Batman Begins_ tonight at Century City. I was impressed. And yeah, I might be up for some movie-izin’.

And tomorrow night (Saturday) Super Troopers is playing up here. Care to spend the night up here in Simi?

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