Married,moved,and getting it together.


Lots of activity in the ArtLungosphere these days.

We have the kids for the 4th Weekend and the week of. Their Dad and Stepmom are on a trip for a while, so we gots ’em! Hopefully we’ll have some fun ’round here.

Lotta money stresses right now. Not insurmountable, but everything seems to be just a bit too expensive or out of reach or close to the bone.

I need my brakes worked on. They’re making a terrible scraping sound right now. Oi. Hurts my ears just to think about the sound.

Work is fine, fine. Thanks.

Gave up on some freelance work. _No time!_ It’s a problem. Can’t do freelance work without time and energy, extra money frees up time to do outside stuff. Time to short circuit the equation and accept limitations.

Man, San Diego Blog is kicking! Dude. Jeff of the excellent literary and other blog Syntax of Things is posting regularly. It’s not what I would have expected, but I like it. I had been so adamant that posts to SDB should be journalistic and cautious and serious. What was I thinking? A personal touch is awesome. I really have no idea what business I have being the owner/editor of a blog all about San Diego since I live here in Simi Valley, but here I am. _Carpetbagger!_ Still, if people dig the result, then what right have I to kibitz with myself about _deserve_. As they say in Clint Eastwood’s _Unforgiven_, “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

Okay, bleak reference, but still. I also am happy with the recent contributions of pseudonymous route66, MAS and Ken W. Go forth wonderful San Diego Blog authors!!!

For a long while I thought anyone could write for SDB, and they sort of can, but it really helps if you *get* “the blog way” — keep it loose, don’t take it serious, and post something worthwhile. A little Tony Pierce, a little Kottke, and a dash of dooce, and a big greasy slab of YOU! Without your own voice, what the heck is the point of blogging?

Man, I’m really braindumping here.

Leah’s blogging up a storm, including several very funny and observant entries in the past few weeks. Yes-I’m-biased. She’s even sold a book or two. She’s even talking about the _next_ book.

Oh, I am killing off San Diego Spots — well, not killing it, but it will redirect to a page on San Diego Blog. Whatever ambitions I had for the site were not fulfilled, but the cool content here is worth saving. The rest of it must go.

Oh, and I have another site I want to work on. Yeah, it’s a strange name. Some of you might know what it means or you could look it up. Watch for an annoucement before the end of time.

Dude, I didn’t scan anything yet today. Crud. I was on a roll. I will scan something later on today. Before midnight, I vow to scan something new. Promise. Pretty promise with sugar on top.

Okay, time to start the day! ON-WORD.

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My first thought was rhonchi=raunchy? But then I looked it up:

Define: A coarse gurgling sound in the lungs that indicates the presence of thick fluid.

Sounds a little raunchy to me.

I warned you. I don’t have a journalistic bone in my body. All my writing is from the creative school, and the closest I can come to journalism is when I’m attempting minimalism, and that comes out bad, bad, bad. Still, I’m trying to keep it as impersonal as possible, but the first person creeps in from time to time. Let me know if it gets to be too much.

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