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Andy Warhol (2), 1988

Andy Warhol (2), 1988

I said before I’d post the Andy Warhol images I had. As far as I know this one and the last one are the only ones I have.

Andy was a hero, and I remember crying when he died. It’s strange. I have not cried for many deaths of famous people. I cried when Stanley Kubrik died, but beyond him and Andy I never really did. David Bowie plays Warhol in the film Basquiat and I find myself really affectionate for Andy. Such an odd, peculiar man he was. I don’t know that I did very good justice to Andy, but I remember my affection like crazy. And strangely enough, it’s still there, for this person I never met. Leah might call that a kind of fandom. I think it’s something about heroes, and Andy was definitely one of my heroes.

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What else did he post in August 2005?

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Thank you very much!

I like this one alot, thank you for posting it. I have been a Warhol fan for awhile now, it does him justice.

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