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Lil’ Johnny Crivello, 1983

Lil' Johnny Crivello, 1983

Leahpeah: Who’s that?
Me: John Crivello.
LP: Who’s John Crivello?
Me: A guy I sat next to in a drawing class.
LP: He’s got crazy hair.
Me: Yeah.
LP: Was this the exercise where you don’t take your pencil off the paper?
Me: And not look at the paper.
LP: How old were you?
Me: Thirteen.
LP: Pretty good.
Me: Thanks.

This was my freshman year in high school. The instructor told me I was holding my pencil wrong. How dare this woman tell me how to hold my pencil when I’ve been drawing my WHOLE DAMN LIFE? I never listened to her again in that class.

As a result, I didn’t get as much out of that drawing class as I could have.

So much hubris and ego. It took me years to work more of that ego out of my system. It’s still there, but I understand it much better. It drives me to excel, but it also can get in the way.

Know thyself.


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That’s awesome! It’s amazing how capturing stuff like that can help you reinvision being right back in your drawing class. This is reminding me of my high school art classes. Lots of quiet time spent looking at the backs and profiles of the same people, year after year. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about art geeks? I think I was one.

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