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Was that an earthquake? No, Sonic Boom.

Leah and I awoke at 5am or so this morning to a big shake. Was it an earthquake here in California/Ventura County/Simi Valley?

*Update* It was the STS-114 sonic boom as it went over the southland on its way to landing in Mojave.

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Thanks for SHOUTING.

I don’t watch TV news unless things are blowing up.

And I don’t have the TV on at 5 in the morning.

I was under the impression they were trying for Florida with the landing, but yes, they landed in California for this one.

What we experienced may have been the sonic boom during the landing. This NASA map seems to indicate the right trajectory, though it seems awfully far north for us to get a sonic boom.

everyone here at work felt it, too. i think it’s pretty safe to say it was the shuttle landing. i can’t believe that the astronauts ears don’t bleed from the force of that noise. dude.

We were woken up by that same shaking sound, minutes after 5 AM, and what appears to be only minutes before the shuttles landing in California today (which I didn’t know about until hours later, which made for a very disorienting awakening).

The shake pattern also felt odd for an earthquake, as the rolling rumble that usually follows the initial *thud* wasn’t there this time. Made a whole lot more sense when we heard about the shuttle…

Ah, well. At least it wasn’t just the dogs barking, this time. :-/

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