Married,moved,and getting it together.

Gary Come Home

Latest Stew Lyrics: Gary’s Song:

Gary now I know I was wrong
I missed up
And now you’re gone

Gary I’m sorry I neglected you
Oh I never expected you to run away and leave me
Feeling this empty
Your “meow” right now would sound like music to me
Please come home ’cause I miss you Gary

Gary come home (Gary come home)
Gary come home (Gary come home)

Gary can’t you see I was blind?
I’ll do anything to change your mind
More than a pet you’re my best friend
Too cool to forget

Come back because we are family and
Forgive me for making you want to roam
And now my heart is beating like the saddest metronome

Somewhere I hope you’re reading
My latest three word poem
Gary come home (Gary come home)
Gary come home (Gary come home)
Gary come home (Gary come home)
Gary come home (Gary come home)
Gary come home
Gary come home
Gary won’t you come home?

This song is now available via the iTunes Music Store or on amazon on SpongeBob Squarepants – “The Yellow Album”

Update 2023:

twenty-one comments so far...

I really liked the wheres gary movie. I got very sad at some point because i love spongebob and its sad but cute at the same time when he cries. This is my favorite song and it touches me everytime i sing it. I am 10 years old:) well bye bye

I like spongebob sqaurepants because patrick is so funny i laugh my head off i like sandy because well shes’ not as funny as patrick but she is a little funny i like sqidward best because hes’ weird funny mad and he hates living next to the talking sponge my favriorite episode is kratey island sqidbob tentaclepants and whale of a birthday to bad i can’t watch spongebob at 9am because im at school but iwatch it when i come back from school. bye the way i am 8 years old im 9 on 31st of march bye bye

I love Spongebob!! I have “Gary Come HOme” on my Ipod and I listen to it all the time! i am a Huuuge SpongeBob FAN!!!

I’m 12 and I’ve always loved this song. Spongebob and Patrick are hilarious ‘cos I act like them a lot of the time. Things are just so much funnier when you’ve done something dumb like that. And when they get themselves into trouble it hurts more if you’ve done that… anyway, this song rules.

love this sng itsso awsome like wafflez!!!lol i also like the best day ever song and campfire song there the best peace out

p.s.-sponge bob is gangster
p.s.s-too gangstar for squidward
p.s.s.s-i like wafflez

I love this song! I love so many songs that they sing on spongebob. Especially the one in that episode were squidward makes a band but they suck so he gives up. then spongebob makes them better and they play for humans in a bubble like thing. Whats that one called?

This is possibly the most beautiful song written on the subject of snail loss. I’m hardcore, so I only cried like the first ten times I heard it. Now, nothin’.
Well, not nothing, I am only human after all.
Oh, and I see a trend in the comments for volunteering your age. Well, I am a very NOT CREEPY 21 year old who watches nothing but cartoons and the dog whisperer.

must say this could well be THE song i will at some point play at my wedding and or funeral. have looked for this song every wher 4 free but find only itunes holds the key to my eternal happynes. is the best spongebob song eva. nay epesode eva……..nd i am 15.

p.s and to the 21 year old….hang in there brother….there are more like us…..out there….waiting to be discoverd. were somewhat of a dying and i. teenagers that whatch cartoons obsesivly as it really speaks to us….it holds logic, meening and simplisty in a world of lonely selfconseous thoughts. iam hear for you man….

not tht i consider you to be a teenager….iam sorry i was cought in the moment.but you understand

rock on spongebob

thanks for liking my song! I looked far and wide for Gary, and I am happy I finally found him! Thanks for your support!

spongebob if your reading this i want you too know that i love you more than anything in the world and i really want to meet you. i have spent the majority of my life searching for you and hope to one day be successful in finding you. i am of the age of 42 and i just love you very much. so i hope that day comes soon so i can finally be complete.


i thought it was so touching when spongebob sang this song im sure if gary was listening he would have forgiven spongebob and would have come home

i love this song ssssssssssssooooooooooooooo much, even though it made me cry 50 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-from your #1 fan Kiana

When I first heard this song,I was watching a late night rerun of the show.It was around midnight and i had nothing else to do and I was watching the episode and the song began.Now i dont cry usually.But as soon as the song was finished,it brought memories of the things i had lost over the years and this song really captures that mood of loss and the grief felt by it perfectly.The lines “Your “meow” right now would sound like music to me” and “Somewhere I hope you’re reading
My latest three word poem” send a warm feeling down the throat straight to the heart and you freeze up.
I had never ever expected to feel such emotion throgh a cartoon show.
We love you

To jonnychong you are right there are more of us out here. To elise don’t worry you are not creepy I’m thirty one and Spongebob is my boy and Gary Come Home made me cry too as it reminded me of our recently departed family cat who had to be put to sleep in March.

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