Most Commented Page and Shortcode

Gary Come Home (18)
I am 36. (17)
Listening, Thinking, and Gestating. (14)
San Francisco Suggestions? (14)
Ché the Cat 1997-2006 (12)
Migrating an old Blogger blog to WordPress (12)
Today: The Day (11)
Posts That Might Be (11)
I’m 37. (11)
Mom and the Cancer (11)
My Name in Japanese, 1987 (10)
Are you a Respiratory Therapist? Do you blog? (10)
Nephrectomy (10)
Web pages are dead. Long live web pages. (If they’re made of people) (10)
Mom’s Cancer News (9)
Unsung: 7 Years Blogging (9)
Memo to myself. (8)
Joseph James Crawford (8)
Thank You All (8)

I added a “most commented” page to this site. This continues my evolutionary changing of this site.

In this post, the most commented posts are dynamic, because I added it as a shortcode to my theme. Here’s the code.

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