Married,moved,and getting it together.

Listening, Thinking, and Gestating.

I’ve been listening to this guy‘s writings. I like him.

Also, news. Still very early on in the process, have a good thought, wish, prayer, smoke signal, what have you.


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Dude, that’s awesome! Congratulations!! I wish you all the best.

And as for, unseen circumstances (rhymes with “disparage”), my wife and I went through that too, more than once. If it helps, you’re not alone. It helped me to realize that you just do the best you can, and let go of what you can’t control. If that’s helpful, then great. If it sounds like horse shit, then ignore me, and celebrate this exciting time every chance you get!

Happy for you,


@Tom — I appreciate any and all advice. I may be a stepdad, but actual dadness is new to me.

@Douglas — we accept all knitting of any kind. 😉

@Jenn — we’ll take juju, namaste, best wishes, vibes, 220, 221, whatever it takes.

what’s 220 and 221? Where do I acquire it and how do I send it to you? I checked Wikipedia and it said, “In the Holy Bible, the number of goats Jacob gave to his brother Esau (‘two hundred she-goats and twenty he-goats’) and the number of sheep (‘two hundred ewes and twenty rams,’ Genesis 32:14).”

You want goats and sheep?

220, 221 is a reference to Mr. Mom.

The boss of Mr Mom’s wife (Martin Mull) visits the home, and Mr Mom (Micheal Keaton) pretends to be a serious handyman (an excuse as to why he’s home all day) He talks about how he will be rewiring his house. The boss says:

“Oh, so are you going to use 220?” (i.e. 220 volt commercial wiring)

Mr Mom says:

“220, 221, whatever it takes…”

My old man still loves that line.

@Susan: That Mr. Sassy knows what he’s talking about. I think I was alluding to my naivete and blind, dumb confidence. Or maybe I just love that line as much as Sassy’s Pop.

Mr. Mom is a genius movie. I miss Michael Keaton. Quotes from Mr. Mom.

Congratulations! We will be sure to sacrifice a small goat to ask that the fertility goddess grant you a healthy and masculine child.

I told my family about this and we all wish you and Leah the best. To be a parent is a profound experience. I hope all of the remaining planets align for you. 😉

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