Unsung: 7 Years Blogging

7 Years!

Last week was the 7 year anniversary of my blogging here on artlung.com. I had a hard week last week but I’m tanned, rested and ready. Well, not tanned, but I’m back here anyway.

So I have some questions for you readers, if any. Why do you read ArtLung Blog and when did you start reading this blog? Also, what blogs should I check out?


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And why do we read it? Cause it’s written by you of course! 😉

Seriously, I like reading it because it gives me a view outside my Microsoft/.Net development box, while being natural and real about it…

Take care,

I read because I miss you guys! want to know what you’re up to. and I like your brain dumps and tech stuff ’cause it makes me feel like I’m one step closer to being a techie myself 🙂
congrats on 7 years!!

Congrats, Joe! We share a lot of the same interests (web, tech, graphics/art), used to share San Diegoness. Most of all, I just enjoy your honesty and ability to say a lot sometimes with short posts. When you don’t write for a long time, I find myself wondering what Joe (and Leah) are up to.


I’m a little late to this party, but I’ll pitch in my two cents:

I’ve been reading since well before you left S.D., but I couldn’t tell you how long. The passage of months and years has never been properly catalogued in my brain.

I read because I’ve formed a personal connection with a far-flung person whom I’ve never met. I suspect it’s because we share some traits, including technical leanings and age, for starters.

Your candidness during times of trouble gives authenticity to your writings, and I crave authenticity in my readings. A match made in heaven? Maybe, maybe not; but a fit, nonetheless.

I have no blogs to recommend, sadly. The few I’ve enjoyed have either withered and died, or ceased to amuse me (none more so than my own). I’m shopping for new ones.

Happy 7th, artlung!


Thank you all for your kind words. I enjoy having you as frequent and even infrequent readers! And most of you I have been reading for awhile too!

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