Married,moved,and getting it together.

Some Updated Things

My TypeKey page was updated:

LiveJournal has changed how they do their urls, so they are all Thus: not, of course, that I really hang out over there. is getting comment spam! That was pretty fast. Luckily Spam Karma 2 protects it! There’s more lung-y news out there than I ever could have anticipated. I still have not heard from any RT’s who blog, but c’est la vie. They’ll turn up eventually.

Olivia Rex has put up a few new songs since I last mentioned it. One comparison is Rickie Lee Jones. What do you think of her?
Leah claims I have a crush on Tim from Project Runway. Well, maybe. I’m a sucker for a dry wit.

Three years ago I was on KPBS These Days to talk about blogging on the radio.  Now they’re looking for teenage San Diego bloggers. Are you one? Contact them.

Does anyone have any questions?

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Hey there
Have been an RT (respiratory terrorist. god I love that) since 1968. In and out and around
about it is one half of what I do professionally. The other half is professional photography and the third half is writing. Have seriously been considering blogging about it to answer questions we all get regularly and to maybe share some of the pain which I am feeling more now that I am older. Suggestions? Do you still do web sites? I am looking for someone to ask the right questions to created a web site for the artist in me. I awake your mucoid reply. Lar

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