Married,moved,and getting it together.

Truth via Humor

Leah makes lemonade from the bitter lemony harvest of ants that have been quietly haunting us for a few weeks.

I was impolite to her today. Curt. Short. Not cool, Joe. Not cool.

Cool your Jets Boy!

It’s not easy being green.

Not easy to juggle priorities and be a grown up.

It would be nice if it were, but it must be something about being a mature adult.

Better next time. Better really better.

I love Leah. So how do I show her, even when I get frustrated? How do I not explode and get my upset all over her?

The key is to cool your jets, boy. Take your temperature, boy.

Watch that thermostat, boy.

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Cool your jets????!!! Everyone has a right to be frustrated and angry sometimes, happy can’t be on duty 24/7! There will be times when, yes, you will be short or curt, but the vows do say “for better or for worse!” All in all, just tell her; “Leah, I’m in a crap mood today, so maybe steer clear of me until I can come to terms with myself.” Communication is key whatever mood you are in. If a spouse/significant other wants to only share in the happy then there is a problem right there, again, happy can’t be on duty 24/7.

Also, ask yourself this question when you wake up in the morning “Do I want to be in a good mood today or a bad mood?” Maybe you’ll have a bad moment or moments throughout the day, but remember what mood you picked when you woke up.

Let’s just say that there’s lots that has happened in my relationship with Leah. And let’s further stipulate that communication is key. And also, Leah rocks, and has been there for me when times have been very very tough.

Everything is outlook, right? Everything is attitude. I can make choices about mood yes, but more important to me is to be taking my own temperature and know what my mood is. Sometimes I have great control over that, sometimes less so.

The issues Leah and I are having are not as simple as her not being okay about a crap mood. Please take care when giving advice about the particulars of my life.

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