Married,moved,and getting it together.

Items of Note, and a Photograph

  1. I’m terrifically busy right now work-wise.
  2. Waiting on some answers on some big potential clients.
  3. Money = tight
  4. San Diego Blog is taking ads more directly now. Buy one!
  5. Thanks to JeSais, you can buy San Diego Blog T-Shirts here, and you can also buy Mugs!
  6. Palm Sunday mass 2 days ago was pretty awesome.
  7. I bought a crucifix and am wearing it right now. Pondering the meaning of it.
  8. Leah and I are rocking out.
  9. Missed an important meeting last night. Bummed about it but There’ll be another one soon enough.
  10. Got to see some video of the 22 year old me. Whoa. Trippy 14 year old video.
  11. going intermittently strong. Lots of chatter on the nets about avian flu and mechanical ventilation.
  12. Nice new essay from Joel on Software.
  13. I’m feeling pretty good lately all around. Good feeling and good living.
  14. My Life In The Bush of Ghosts has been re-released. That’s really cool.
  15. You know I work for Crawberts and we do web design, right? Well, hire us already!
  16. I also put stuff up over on my LiveJournal sometimes.
  17. I’m feeling pretty good these days, though my hair feels long right now. With very short haircuts, 2 weeks can get you shaggy pretty fast.
  18. Did I mention San Diego Blog? Well, it’s really going well these days. I love the content that folks come up with. I want it to also generate some revenue that exceeds the costs. I make more from my ads on various parts of than I do from there. This suprises me, and I want SDB to pull its’ own weight a bit more. How do I do that? I’m open to suggestions!
  19. I mention again that Leah and I are speaking at MacGathering. Registration is open for that now! See you there?
  20. I really like green olives stuffed with jalapenos. Tasty!
  21. I think that’s all I have for the moment.
  22. Here’s the photo now, it’s of Devon and me watching Tony do the shotput:

Joe and Devon

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super great article by joel. i love his comparison of programmers to rock stars. (if dolly parton can be considered a rock star) you are totally a rock star, joe.

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