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Hiding Eggs

Leah was not feeling real hot, so on Easter it fell to me to hide the eggs in Grandma & Grandpa’s backyard. Tyler could not get in on it, he was feeling too ill to compete. If you know Tyler, you know that that indicates he was really really sick. The boy has competitive spirit in his bones.

I had a blast hiding eggs. I hid them in the taller grass along the raised planters. In the holes in the fence, under and on the playground equipment. And it was even more fun watching Dev, Alex, and Tony search for the eggs. They were pretty fast, but only one or two stumped them. All told I hid 41 eggs. As a stepparent I have little if any real authority over the kids, except to back up and support my wife. If she was gone I would have no legal rights or responsibilities whatsoever toward the kids. But man, as a guy with no biological kids of my own I am really starting to “get” the parenting thing. There’s a lot of fun to be had. Of course, there’s plenty of stress and sturm und drang as well, but the positive perks are really fun.

I totally want to do it again next year.

There may be photos later in the week of some of the searching.

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