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James Leland: Photos For Sale

A fellow 3ones member, James Leland, photographer and artist, has been having some serious troubles this past year.

From his website,

The other day I got an e-mail from a friend about a rent party for a charity group he was affiliated with. My first inclination was to help him, but instantly it hit me that I am far past being broke. I have been unable to generate income for more than a year now due to an affliction I suffer called Crohn’s Disease. At this point my rent and other bills are far past due. For the past several weeks I have beeen recieving a new treatment in the hospital in hopes of turning my situation around. The result has been slight, but promising. In the meantime I have what seems to be insurmountable medical and other bills that frankly I need help with. I am trying to sell prints to pull me as far out of this quagmire as I can. If you are in a position to purchase a print and help I would appreciate it beyond words. Please have a look at the gallery of images I have posted online here. these framed images are for sale at $800 each. If nothing in this gallery appeals to you please do not hesitate to e-mail me to discuss other unframed image options. These are desperate times for me, and I pray that help will arrive soon. Each of my photos are unique. I do not print editions of anything. They are each one of a kind. I am far past the end of my rope and now have to count on the generosity of others to pull me from this steel door trap. I would appreciate it if you would forward this on to anyone you feel would possibly be interested. Thank you in advance.

He’s a brilliant photographer. Moody, analog, one-of-a-kind photography. Evocative, emotional, wonderful stuff. Some of the artwork contains nudity, but it’s not the sole subject matter of James’ work.
$800 is a fair price for truly unique works of art. If that is out of your particular price range, perhaps you would be interested in some of his other work, in the sale gallery . All images in that gallery are $150. Well worth the price.
Please spread the word about James’ work, and these works on sale.

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