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Great San Diego Real Estate Post

Check it out on San Diego Blog :: My Real Estate Obsession

Excellent thoughts all ’round. Civil, passionate, informed discourse.


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Sassy says:

Yeah… but what do YOU think?

Joe Crawford says:

What, I totally dug the conversation. 🙂

I play my cards close the vest Sasberto.

Seriously though — I’m so far away from home ownership it’s on my radar in the same way picking out a burial plot would be. Sure, I could use it, but it’s not something on my radar at the moment.

But bubbles fascinate me, real or fake, and SD real estate is an interesting beast.

Sassy says:

Bubbles are definitely interesting… and I do believe there is a bubble… but it’s all over the entire world, and it’s not just real estate, but all commodities. Thank the Global Economy for that one.

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