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Sassy Sassburton gets new blog software, and flickr too!

So my friend and colleague Sassy┬áhad his blog down for some weeks, his homebrew stuff wasn’t makin’ it. So he has new wordpress and even a flickr account!

Now he’ll have some RSS that works. Though I haven’t read my feeds in forever, maybe when I do, I can read him that way.

Welcome to the 21st Century Matt!

posted this 16 years ago.
What else did he post in July 2006?

(Friday July 21st 2006 at 12:51pm)

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Flickr is amazing… hands down the winner there. WP is very well done from a usability and UI standpoint too, but I must say the theming system is not as slick as I had hoped… ah well such a nit-pick. As a commercial, hosted webapp, Flickr is definitely best-of-breed.

Which are you more impressed by from a programming standpoint, WP or flickr?

Dude this stuff is so tech!

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