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I quite like the concept of Galactus. Though I can’t say I ever read a story with him I really liked. Perhaps the Moebius Silver Surfer story.

Galactus, sometimes called the Devourer of Worlds or Eater of Planets, is a fictional comic book super villain, a cosmic entity within Marvel Comics’ universe.

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uhhhhh….. Secret Wars?

I think I’ve been a pretty dedicated Vertigo fan more than anything the past couple of years. Recent reads include the complete Preacher, Books of Magic, Fable, Constantine. Marvel has just lost something recently, and I’m a huge fan of comic’s first family.

Galactus was always in the Fantastic Four and I thought he was pretty cool, although I really never knew this whole backstory about him… when I look at the Wikipedia page it looks like they kinda fleshed out the whole thing long after I quit collecting comics.

Jukebox – I was not into Secret Wars. I’ve been wanting to read Blankets and some of the other longer form indie stuff.

My intention is to go to Comic-Con next year. Missed it this year.

Love that Jack Kirby stuff, wild and nutty and ornate. Galactus is one of his, I believe.

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