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Goatee Update

By “popular” demand:


Not a permanent change. Just for fun, for a little while.

posted this 17 years ago.

(Monday January 22nd 2007 at 2:47pm)

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OMG! Just a few years and now Joe has turned into a Hollywood Hipster! Oh, the humanity!


Of course, I have thought of going that direction myself, but never made the plunge.


i would like to know why popular is in quotes? you, sexy, are popular.

Doug! Dude! Are you kidding? This is totally back to the future for me. I was rocking a goatee in 1996. AND some super long hair… Here’s me when I lived in Koreatown and worked downtown.

Me, California Hospital, 1996

Color me Hipster!

See also.
Joe T once said I looked like Yanni.

You look awesome. So fit!

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