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I am a huge unit test proponent and write a TON of tests these days. If there is one skill that I think will help you write better software – it is unit testing.

Really Sassy — cool — in .NET or in PHP as well?

Working on some complex software in current dayjob, and the complexity can only be managed if the shiznit works. When it fails, it tends to do so opaquely — is it the database? is it the sessions? is it the object, if so which one? is it a dumb html or javascript error? What I want is sets of test data that will tell me what is working.

I exclusively use .NET these days … haven’t touched PHP in quite awhile (aside from tweaking my wordpress presentation)

I’m at a point where I won’t even think of writing code without unit tests. as you said – it’s simply too hard to maintain a large codebase without them.

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