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A bike was freedom to me when I was a kid. Above is a picture of the bike I got not too long ago. It represents freedom. It’s hard to get out on the bike, and I don’t do it as often as might like to, but I do it when I can and I have the motivation. I’m finding it easier to see ways to have it fold into my life in a way that’s seamless, and I like that a lot.

I’ve not blogged this week, actually in the past two weeks. I ended up my last contract, and I’m on to my next one, I started on Wednesday last week. I’m on for a six month engagement with the online game maker Vivendi Games, Sierra Online. So far, I like it a lot. They have a nice work environment and everyone’s been awesome so far.

Fun datapoint: I updated my linkedin profile with where I’m working, and the minute I got a phone extension at Sierra I had a message on that phone trying to recruit me away. I got another call on Friday. Dude, too soon! So I’m delighted to tell people that I’ll be occupied till the autumn at least.

I had a nice birthday last week. Leah wrote a little bit about me last week. Yesterday her sad broken camera came back from the shop and I’m adopting it. It’s easier to use than her behemoth digital SLR.

Yesterday I had a blast looking at all of the entries in the Supergirl meme. I made comments on the ones I liked. I think this one is my favorite overall. Seeing all the variations on Supergirl was inspirational to me. Perhaps it’s time to do some drawing when I get some clear time. Last year I remember the Batgirl meme.

On the agenda today is looking for places to live in Moorpark. We had a good time driving the streets yesterday. We saw some signs. Sometimes Craigslist is not enough. Wish us luck! and if you know of 3 bedroom places less than $2000/month right in Moorpark, drop us a line.


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