Stray Data

  1. I got an eye exam recently. I have reading glasses coming my way in 7 to 10 business days. I have noticed in recent years my eyes get tireder when I read.
  2. Still no new car. We need to rectify this and have been getting by with rentals. Time to do the deed. *
  3. We need to be moved by the end of the month. Packing and moving sucks. *
  4. Easter was lovely, no kids, but still lovely.
  5. Work is great, thanks for asking.
  6. Taxes, oh yes, taxes. Also on the to-do list. *
  7. Laundry can be kind of fun with help.
  8. I look silly in a bonnet. That’s not really a shocker.
  9. It’s chilly the last few days. Hey! Weather! What gives?!?
  10. Trail-riding on a bike is pretty fun. The bike I got is really not for off-roading though. It can do pebbles and streambeds okay, but anything that Mountain Bikers describe as “a little technical” ends up being more than it’s suited for. But I can see that a beefier bike is likely in my distant future. First though, I need some shorts with the padding in back, dude. And a nice windbreaker.

*Three expensive things in one month sucks.

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Very cool that I found you folks! Super cool bonnet by the way… It’s a hardcore look! I’ve got me a little vid podcast I do weekly. Mind if I show your blogs? A little “bloggers in the backyard” segment? Hasta!

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