I’m in the Persai Feed Corpus

For some weeks I’ve been enjoying the vicious and rather dirty blog uncov — which attempts to  deflate Web 2.0 hype by exposing the crap that passes for clever technology, they are particularly cruel to TechCrunch, who does seem to hype each and every dumb startup and site to the moon.

I was delighted to find that the uncov guys Ted and Kyle actually have dayjobs. It’s called Persai and it’s new. They haven’t launched anything, but they are collecting all RSS and Atom feeds. Like many startups, they have a blog. I noticed that ArtLung blog feed url is contained in their feed corpus. Quite an “honor” to be one of the 118524 feeds included. Though I suspect they got the feed url not by lovingly visiting my site along with more than a hundred thousand others; I suppose they spidered technorati or one of the other blog metadata aggregators for feeds.

Just after I looked at the corpus yesterday I checked out this post on Sam Ruby’s site where he spidered the whole thing to see the availability of the feeds in question.I believe that I’m one of the Status Code 307: Temporary Redirects, since I’m using FeedBurner for my feeds these days. My feed is still available at the old URL, but not a simple 200. This is  in my opinion an appropriate code because I want the latitude to move to a different service. Smart feed parsers should be able to cope with this.

Most of this is not of interest to my own readers, but I will point out that other great snarky websites dedicated to talking about the rampant mediocrity in web dev are Coding Horror and WorseThanFailure.

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