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I carped about the other day in William Gibson Book Tour (Updated) and I will note that they have now updated the William Gibson page, and the RSS Feed thereto with updated information. There’s also a page and a feed just for Vroman’s. That’s a nice feature. I’ll back off being too harsh on BookTour, but they are cutting it awfully close on these things. For an author you might really like why else would you check an RSS feed if not for timely information. I think they were about a week late in getting Gibson’s information in there. They definitely need better mechanisms to get data in.

But enough about them, and more about William Gibson — you may, perhaps, be interested to read:

Terry Gross interviews William Gibson, 1989 (transcribed by me a long while ago)

If you want to hear the story of how I heard of Gibson in 1983 check out Cyberpunk Guy, 1988.

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True Brian. I didn’t think to go there though.

I was pretty jazzed to see eventful on the screen at the local Jiffy Lube. We were waiting for our van and one of the things they had was local event listings on a flatscreen in the waiting room.

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