Yesterday and Today in Facial Hair2007Aug08

Compare and contrast:

I might need a shave.Less Scruffy

Perhaps it’s time to again try for a Zappa style arrangement, though that particular arrangement freaks Leah out a little because it reminds her some jerk. And I am not a jerk. Well, usually:


Tune in tomorrow on WHAT’S JOE’S FACE LOOK LIKE!

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you are not a jerk. i love you, silly head, no matter what your hair looks like.

Take back the soul patch, Joe. Rescue it from Leah’s dark place. Teach her the true purpose of the patch: to house the taste of assorted sauces and gravies for enjoyment at a later time.

Weird. It double posted from iphone safari. Wonder how i got it to do that

weirder. Now i don’t see the double. It’s like a really crappy Twilight Zone episode.

Jukebox JT – this is what comes of trying to make facial patchy hair seem like a good idea.

@Jukebox JT — I deleted the dupe. I was up from the Earthquake anyway, so why not read blog comments.

@leahpeah — I’ll deal with you myself. Muahahahah!

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