Yesterday and Today in Facial Hair

Compare and contrast:

I might need a shave.Less Scruffy

Perhaps it’s time to again try for a Zappa style arrangement, though that particular arrangement freaks Leah out a little because it reminds her some jerk. And I am not a jerk. Well, usually:


Tune in tomorrow on WHAT’S JOE’S FACE LOOK LIKE!

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Take back the soul patch, Joe. Rescue it from Leah’s dark place. Teach her the true purpose of the patch: to house the taste of assorted sauces and gravies for enjoyment at a later time.

@Jukebox JT — I deleted the dupe. I was up from the Earthquake anyway, so why not read blog comments.

@leahpeah — I’ll deal with you myself. Muahahahah!

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